High Speed Wireless Internet Services For Rural America

Thomas Nix


Mr. Nix has been involved in the Cable Television industry since 1994. Tom has worked in all aspects of the cable television industry including negotiating cable franchise and private cable television agreements in Florida, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nevada, Arizona, California and Michigan. He then worked with his team in the actual construction and management of the daily operations of these cable systems. Recently Mr. Nix sold a number of his cable systems located in Texas and Michigan to Comcast. He has also sold cable systems to Time Warner, Dimension, United Satellite, Cox and Prime. He currently owns Wireless Broadband of Oklahoma (WBOK) located in the Tulsa, Oklahoma market and recently entered into an agreement with an investment group to reorganize two franchised cable systems located in Central Florida and Northern Texas area. Recognized industry wide, Mr. Nix has been on the Board of Directors and was cofounder for Datavision, Telecable, Telecast, VisionComm and Summit Digital.

E-Mail: tnix @ summitdigital.us

Roger Pace

VP and Chief Technology Officer

Roger Pace has worked within the cable television and telephone industries for the past 25 years.  He has served as Director and Vice President of Engineering for Datavison, and as designer for Value Added Communications.  Mr. Pace holds several pending patents for new technologies in the Cable industry.  He has designed and created programs for meter reading over the cable, fully addressable monitored security via cable, ad insertion technology and his own custom-designed TV channel guide, Cable TV head ends and distribution networks for private and franchised systems.  Mr. Pace has extensive experience with assisting field technicians in isolating, diagnosing, and correcting complex field problems.  Mr. Pace will play a key role in all software and hardware decisions, and his expertise as well as his relationships with many leaders in the technical end of our industry will play a vital role in our growth as a company.

E-Mail: rpace @ summitdigital.us

Patty Coleman

General Manager of Operations

Mrs. Coleman has worked in all phases of the cable television and Internet industry, and currently serves as General Manager of operations at Summit Digital Holdings Inc.  She is responsible for the management of the daily operations, coordinating the customer service department, including the call center, and interfacing directly with the accounts receivable and payables department.  Her expertise in communication and organizational skills as well as her previous work experience in our industry will be a vital support to the rapid growth of the company, and we as a company are fortunate to have her on our management team.

E-Mail: pcoleman @ summitdigital.us

Jay DeBoer

Chief Engineer

Jay DeBoer has been a network engineer for 10 years and has been administering wireless systems for 8 years.  He has experience with a wide range of networking systems and technologies, and with CATV head-ends and Coax and fiber-optic distribution.  He is responsible for the installation and operation of the Internet and cable television distribution and client connections.  Jay is closely associated with other industry engineers, contractors and suppliers which will be of substantial value as we grow our company.  He will play a vital role in helping guide us as technologies become more sophisticated allowing us to offer more state of the art services at affordable pricing.  We as a company are fortunate to have Jay as part of our management team.

E-Mail: jdeboer @ summitdigital.us 

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