High Speed Wireless Internet Services For Rural America

Cable TV

We are a premier rural franchised cable TV provider in multiple states.  We are expanding our coverage area through both new construction and acquisitions.  By clustering these rural franchised cable systems we can combine the head-ends via fiber optic cable, thus reducing both operational and maintenance costs.

Private Cable TV

Summit Digital has an extensive background in Private Cable Television.  We have developed a complete cable television package for private developments, gated communities, apartments and condominiums, offering service bundles that include Cable Television, High Speed Inter-Net, Telephone and Monitored Security.  This complete inter active system is specifically designed to match the demographics and special needs of private property owners and allowing property owners to share in a potentially lucrative service opportunity.

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

Summit Digital provides high speed Internet to homes with or without cable TV services, in and out of our area customers.  This allows us the flexibility to go in and be a WISP in communities who have cable television services but do not have high speed Internet available and are forced to use dial up technology.  This capacity substantially expands our potential markets.

Television Guide Channel

The guide channel, delivered through our expansive cable network, offers a state-of-the-art, fully automated, user friendly television guide channel line-up.  Advantages and features including:

  • Digitally controlled television guide allowing users to view and scan television programming.
  • One of the largest on-screen advertising spaces available in the channel guide market.
  • Network identification for each channel.
  • Local time, date, and weather.

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